Gif & Lottie Animation Support

You can now upload images in gif and lottie format in the image fields on your popup campaigns.

Keep The Content Stable While Changing The Popup Designs

If you are not satisfied with the popup design you chose during the popup creation phase, when you change the popup design, the content you created were deleted.

Now you can try how your content looks in different popup designs without reseting anything!


New Website and Popular Recipes Pages

We have published our completely renewed website. With the recipes section, we explained in detail what our customers have achieved using popupsmart.


Introducing Smart Mode 🤖

With Smart mode, your popup campaign will be shown to the target audience, bringing the most conversions with artificial intelligence without any manual targeting.

You can enable smart mode on 3. step targeting on the builder.

Group 1981.png

Speed Improvements

We care about your website speed. With speed optimization, we reduced the popup load time to 353 milliseconds and the response time to 159 milliseconds.

You can explore the statistics of our servers running on AWS at

Sendgrid, Mailerlite and Sendinblue Integration 😎

You can transfer the form data you obtained after integration with Popupsmart to mailerlite, sendgrid or sendinblue platforms instantly.


18 New Popup Design 😍

You can now use the specially designed 18 popup that will increase your conversions. new-popups-p.png

Lead Notification Emails 📧

With email notifications, you can activate receiving email for each submission you collect through your popups.


Cookie Targeting

You can use cookie targeting with email marketing and CRM software like Infusionsoft and Hubspot to customize campaigns for repeat visitors, and create special promotions for those who have opted in.

You can show your popup campaigns to only certain segments according to the cookies of the users on your site.


HTML Targeting

With our HTML trigger, you can trigger custom popups based on the HTML content of a specific page. HTML trigger enables you to customize your message to where your visitors are in particular areas on your websites like logged in page or custom member area.