Popupsmart updates
Popupsmart updates

Cloneable Campaign Showcase

Choose from hundreds of cloneable campaigns available on Popupsmart in just seconds.

When you clone a campaign, you create an exact replica on your dashboard where you can get a closer look, take it apart, and customize it.



Introducing Gamification Popup 🎉

Increase your conversions up to 5 times with our new gamified popup!

You can determine the probability of winning the prizes to be given, and you can design and target them via popupsmart.


Email Lead Notification Improvements

You can now instantly send the data you collect from the popups to the person you want with email lead notifications.


Sub-Account Feature

Share your account with team-mates.

You can now share your popupsmart account by authorizing your team. All you have to do is click on the link below to invite your teammates!


Element Hide Feature

You can now easily hide any element in the popup

In this way, you can create faster and more effective popup campaigns without needing different designs much more comfortably.


Geo-Location Targeting Improvements

For geo-location targeting, we update and record the country and city of millions of IP addresses worldwide. Due to the constant updating of IP addresses, this targeting was working with 70% accuracy. As a result of the improvements we have developed, we automatically update the system instantly in the IP address change, and thus, we have increased the accuracy rate to 95%.

HTML Targeting

Do you want to display your popup based on a targeted post's or content's specific element? With Popupsmart, you can specify and set up an HTML condition for a popup in 2 minutes.

What you can do with HTML targeting?

  • You can show popup campaigns based on website content
  • You can show a popup campaign according to the content of the product in the basket.
  • You can show a popup campaign according to the amount of the basket.

Learn more: https://popupsmart.com/help/targeting/html-targeting/

All Google Fonts Available 🎉

Now you can add any of the thousands of fonts in the google fonts library for your popup campaigns.


Gif & Lottie Animation Support

You can now upload images in gif and lottie format in the image fields on your popup campaigns.

Keep The Content Stable While Changing The Popup Designs

If you are not satisfied with the popup design you chose during the popup creation phase, when you change the popup design, the content you created were deleted.

Now you can try how your content looks in different popup designs without reseting anything!